Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Teacher's Gifts

Hello and Welcome back!
I hope you are having a great week.
I'm sharing a few of my recent vinyl tumblers project I have finish recently, never though working with vinyl it could as fun as using paper, I also think Vinyl is very addicting too.
All Tumblers are a Thank You Gifts for ALL My daughters 6th gradeTeachers,
End of School Year 2014.
This Blue is for the Physical Exercise Teacher the SUBWAY ART came from Silhouette Store
Mr Hollister
"I teach What is your superpower"
Flavor Infuser Tumbler
I have made this Flavor Infuser Tumbler for the main Teacher as he has done an excellent job teaching my Son (now 8th grade) and my Daughter, he teach 6th grade!
The Next one Is for the Music Teacher
She is an amazing teacher, she sure deserve more than this,
Mrs Lupton
The life Skill Teacher Ms Hoener, she is so sweet, caring and lovable, she sure teach from her heart
...the best TEACHERS teach from the heart not from the BOOK
The last one is for the Military Life Consultant, she has been a great counselor not only for my daughter but for other students also, she has help them during deployments, Moving etc. what a great opportunity for all the students to get help with daily Military Stress they have to deal with. 
Kuddos to Mrs Crystal
I have put four Crystal Light packets inside and I have made the tag using my Cricut and,
 I have signed in the back and reads as follows
Water and Ice "
Enjoy your Summer"
Truly I can't Thank ALL My Daughter Teacher's enough, they have been beyond Excellent! 
I'm sure They All teach from their HEART!
Thank You Everyone for all your comments I do appreciated them,


  1. Amazing gifts! I love all of the different designs and the mason jar is awesome! The teachers will love these, so thoughtful of you to create them!

  2. These are amazing! I am sure they will be appreciated. TFS from BIF

  3. Great gifts. It's nice when you actually like the kids teachers. BIF visit