Wednesday, December 4, 2013

12 Day of Christmas Projects Post Day 9

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Today's projects for my 12 Days of Christmas Projects Post is this Starbucks Jars. This is an endless ideas for this AWESOME Jars. Just the shape of the bottle itself is great, I did this for my own, you have to treat your self, right!!!
I proudly display this beautifulproject at the entrance of my home.
I did this on my SCAL Program(Sure Cuts A Lot) on my computer using my lovely Cameo Machine.
How I did it? You might ask, well here I Go.
Very simple,
I use craft white paint, I pour about 1/4 of cup to 1/2 cup inside the bottle pour the excess out, you can add more if need it. I cut the letters using Vinyl with My Cameo Machine. You can use your Cricut too.
I bought some blue and silver pebbles from Walmart about 2 small bags, will do.
I add some bling bling (smallest ones)Clear Sparkle Assorment from Close To My Heart 

I add some extra bling bling to the top of the jar.

To remove the glue from their factory seal/sticker run the jar under lukewarm water and scrub it using Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Got to love them, Brilliant!!!
I am start collecting this bottles for upcoming projects!!! Yayyyy
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Thank You for all comments I enjoy them, you all are very special to me Thank You 
Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!!!


  1. Gorgeous decor, thanks for the quick tutorial! I bet they will look fabulous for the upcoming holidays! BIF

  2. Oh..what a fun decor project! Merry BIF Christmas!!