Monday, October 28, 2013

Autumn Days Teachers Treat Holders

Good Day Everyone!!!
Today's project is a gift card envelope holder using the Envelope/Card Memory Maker Tool. I was inspired by Pinterest isn't this cute enveloped, but as you can see I spicy it up by adding a Tootsie pop, and also by using Autunm Days saying instead of using any stamp that only it towards "Halloween" not everyone celebrated 'Halloween" but I think is fair enough to pleased everyone, and I know my daughter teachers will appreciated this Cute Treat Holders.
In case you would like to give a try here is the very simple step you might want to follow!
 First you will start with a piece of 5x5 cardstock then you will line the paper at 2' punch and score then 3' punch and score, then at 2' again repeat punch and score, and again at 3' punch and score, until you have have all 4 sizes, make sure you round the edges for a finish product. Embellish as you would like.
Leave me a comment and tell me what you think!!
Until Next Project Happy Crafting!!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Burlap Christmas Ornament!!!

Hello and Welcome Back friends!!!
Wow is been a long time since the last post, since June 2013, I can't believe it. My apologies to all my followers that are still hanging with me here Thank You very much. 
The good news are my craft mojo is back little by little but sure is back and I can said I'm happy with the finished project. 
 I have design a Christmas Ornament using burlap, seems burlap is the trend to go for so many projects in many different ways!!!
Until next time Happy Crafting!!!