Wednesday, July 4, 2012

ILS By Tsunami Rose July 4th Sketch #13

Happy 4Th of July Everyone!!
Today as we all celebrate America's #236 Birthday we can reflect on those who give their lives for Our freedom, By Thanking and American Soldier we can Salute and Honor those who are still in the line of Duty, Thank You all for your service and sacrificed!!
 Today is all about America by following ILS by Tsunami Rose Sketch #13 I create this Patriotic Card I use Superhero WOTG  I ink the edges from the starts using SunnyYelloy Exclusive Inks. I stamp the sentiment using America Celebration Stamp Set, by using the technique Rock'n Roll i created and I achieve the Red White and Blue by starting with the dark color first. For the banner I use CC Art Philosophy cut the banner at 1' from age 49 the Layer, and the butterfly from page 41 Shift at 1 1/2'' the Layer-Shift    I add Bitty Sparkles for the Fireworks in Celebration to America Birthday!!!

SuperHero WOTG

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