Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Retiring CTMH List

Just a quick Reminder, this items listed below will be gone by February 1, 2012. Order them http://wwwbondingmemories.myctmh.com/ before they are GONE!!!
  • Level 2 Paper Packs:
    Believe p.52 #X7145B
    Dreamin’ p.34 #X7142B
    Fanfare p.63 #X7138B
    Lucky p.63 #X7137B
    Mayberry p.62 #X7136B
    Mischief p.46 #X7144C
    Sophia p.62 #X7131B
    Wonderland p.58 #X7146B

    Believe p.55 #G1030
    Dreamin' p.37 #G1027
    Elemental p.31 #G1026
    Mischief p.49 #G1029
    Roxie p.25 #G1025
    Sonoma p.43 #G1028
    Typeset p.19 #G1024
    Wonderland p.61 #G1031

    Believe p.52 #X7145C
    Dreamin' p.34 #X7142C
    Fanfare p.63 #X7138C
    Lucky p.63 #X7137C
    Mayberry p.62 #X7136C
    Mischief (Rub-ons) p.46 #X7144B
    Sophia p.62 #X7131C
    Wonderland p.58 #X7146C

    Mini-Medley Accents: p.127
    Antiqued Copper #Z1275 $4.95
    Colonial White #Z1276 $4.95

    Brads & Eyelets: p.126 & 127
    Colonial White Brads #Z1274 $3.95
    Pewter Decorative Brads #Z1146 $3.95
    Black and White Daisy Soft Set Eyelets #Z1228 $3.95
    Chocolate and Colonial White Soft Set Eyelets #Z1229 $3.95

    Dimensionals: p.130
    Flurry #Z1225 $4.95
    On Target #Z1226 $5.95
    Hearts #Z1278 $3.25
    Ornaments #Z1337 $4.95

    Ribbon & Floss: p.124
    Colonial White Ribbon Collection #Z1126
    3/8" Cranberry Grosgrain Ribbon #Z1103 $4.95
    3/8" Cocoa Grosgrain Ribbon #Z1100 $6.95
    3/8" Colonial White Grosgrain Ribbon #Z1102 $6.95
    3/8" White Daisy Grosgrain Ribbon #Z270 $6.95
    Wings Level 2 Assortment #Z1398 $4.95

    Embroidery Floss: p.125
    Blue/Purple #Z1093 $3.25
    Green #Z1094 $3.25
    Red/Pink #Z1092 $3.25

    Waxy Flax: p.125
    Cranberry #Z1086 $3.95
    Crystal Blue #Z1247 $3.95
    Juniper #Z1248 $3.95
    Sorbet #Z1249 $3.95

    Various Accessories: p.128 (unless otherwise noted)
    Bliss Level 2 Assortment #Z1355 $5.95
    Fanfare Level 2 Assortment #Z1400 $4.95
    Harvest Charms #Z1633 $4.95
    Holiday Pockets Z1486 $4.95
    Just Blooms Spring Blossom Paper Flowers #Z1266 $7.95
    Just Blooms White Daisy Variety Pack #Z1300 $5.95
    Lucky Level 2 Assortment #Z1356 $4.95
    Lucky Level 2 Journaling Spots #Z1359 $3.95
    Midnight Felt Shapes #Z1462 $5.95
    Sweetheart Level 2 Assortment #Z1386 $4.95
    Foundry Metal - Bookplates p.127 #Z1147 $3.50

    Color-Ready Alphabets: p.129
    Hodge Podge #X1406 $3.95
    Oxford #X5749 $3.95

    My Creations: p.131
    Board Book #Z1310 $6.95
    Journal #Z1268 $7.95
    9x9 Memory Showcase #Z1198 $5.95

    Top Coats: p.128
    Top Coats Icing Overlays #Z1468 $4.85

    Supplies/Tools: p.132 & 133
    Rubber Brayer #Z616 $12.95
    Soft Set Eyelet Tool #Z1208 $14.95
    Eyelet Tool Replacement Punches #Z1245 $2.95

    8 1/2 x 11 Cardstock: p.129
    Black #X1412 $5.50
    Colonial White #X1411 $6.75
    White Daisy #1320 $6.75


    A Game - A1113 $6.95
    A Hop - A1112 $6.95
    A Little Buzz - B1353 $9.95
    A Little Everything - D1408 $17.95
    A Love - A1103 $6.95
    A Paisley - A1105 $6.95
    A Posey - A1102 $6.95
    Adoption - A1098 $6.95
    Adorning Corners - D1322 $17.95
    Always In My Heart - A1101 $6.95
    Ambiance - C1349 $13.95
    Around The Block - D1377 $17.95

    Baby Love - B1368 $9.95
    Backgrounds & Borders - D1463 $17.95
    Beary Best - C1363 $13.95
    Beary Busy - C1409 $13.95
    Beautiful Butterflies - B1373 $9.95
    Beautiful Things - D1298 $17.95
    Believe In Your Dreams - B1322 $9.95
    Beloved - B1343 $9.95
    Birthday Blast - C1436 $13.95
    Birthday Boy - C1411 413.95
    Bless This Nest - C1445 $13.95
    Blooming Layers - C1449 $13.95
    Bon Appetit - D1367 $17.95
    Boom! - B1354 $9.95
    Bunny Love - B1324 $9.95

    Campin' Fever
    Catching Waves
    Cherished Flourishes
    Circle Around
    Circle of Love
    Circle Together
    Cupcake Sprinkles

    Down By The Sea
    Dream Big
    Dreams Come True #D1470 $17.95

    Enjoy Every Moment
    Extreme Happiness

    Family Ties - Adult
    Family Ties - Children
    Family Ties - Pet
    Fill In The Blank
    Flower Pot
    For Every Occasion
    Friendship Blessings
    From My Heart
    Fun Times

    Happy Holidays
    Happy Moments
    His and Hers
    Hot Diggity

    In The Month Of April
    In The Month Of February
    In The Month Of July
    In The Month Of June
    In The Month Of March
    In The Month Of May
    It's A Zoo

    Just For Boys
    Just For Girls
    Just The Ticket

    Kanji Phrases

    Let's Go Camping
    Little Princess
    Love Always
    Love Birds
    Love Ya

    Magic Tabs
    Makin' Waves
    Ms. Chillin'
    Ms. Scrapbook

    Notice The Details

    One Of A Kind
    On The Edge
    On This Day
    Over The Rainbow

    Paisley Praise
    Piece of Cake
    Play Day
    Post Card - Travel Series
    Precious Love
    Priceless Love

    Recipe Box
    Retro Tech
    Royal Birth

    Salutation Seals
    Shining Star
    So Lucky
    Soul Mates
    Star Power
    Summer Breeze
    Summer Days
    Sweet Baby

    Take Luck
    Tasty Treats
    Tea Time
    Thank You
    Thrill Ride
    Trellis #D1451 $17.95
    Two-Step Backgrounds



    You Did It
    You Rock
    You're Great
    You're Sweet

     *** Thanks Darla Karstock***

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